What are the career opportunities in Clinical Research? Types of jobs in CR?

Is it the right step for many of you to pursue a career in clinical research? What are the career opportunities in Clinical Research? The field of clinical research has a lot to offer in terms of career opportunities in India as well as in foreign countries.

Clinical research involves a wide range of specializations, such as medical writers, biostatisticians, study coordinators, monitors, trial managers, data specialists, and more. As India’s healthcare industry continues to grow, there is a rise in demand for candidates whose education and skills are related to clinical research.

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, the nation needs more clinical researchers.

Sometimes we don’t choose jobs, but rather jobs choose us. This is how it works. One of our lifelong dreams is to be employed by a multinational company. It can be challenging to work for MNCs as a fresher. Many people succeed and many people fail. Our next step will be applying for the available jobs and then waiting for an employer’s selection. Why not just go with the flow? Let’s talk about career opportunities in clinical research.

Career opportunities in Clinical Research

As a student, how do you view clinical trials? What is your ideal job profile and what are your life goals? Here, are some amazing career opportunities in Clinical Research!

1. Clinical research coordinator (CRC)

The clinical research coordinator (CRC) manages clinical studies from start to finish on a site level (here referred to as the study location) such as hospitals, independent practices, universities, medical schools, and other research companies. The CRC works with the principal investigator, recruits study subjects, and writes source documentation as part of a clinical research project.

Qualifications Required to become Clinical Research Coordinator:

How much is the salary of a CRC?

CRCs in India are initially not well paid. Salary is approximately 2 lakhs (INR) per year, but with experience, the salary increases. CRCs can become CRAs after 4-5 years of experience earning high salaries.

2. Clinical Trial Assistant (CTA)

It is the responsibility of the Clinical Trial Assistant to file and archive all clinical trial documents correctly. Help to organize and plan meetings (e.g. investigator meetings, team meetings, project meetings). Clinical Trial Assistants gather and provide documents for clinical trial applications to be submitted to the competent authority and ethical committee for approval. As a CTA, you can apply to companies such as CROs and drug companies.

Qualifications Required to become Clinical Research Assistant:

  • MSc. (Clinical research)
  • Diploma in Clinical research
  • Advance diploma in clinical research

Along with the educational qualification, 4-5 years of Experience as a CRC is required.

How much is the salary of a CTA?

What is the salary of CTA employees? Employees who work at CTA earn an average of *18lakhs, most of whom make between *12lakhs per year and ₹24lakhs per year. 10% of the employees earn more than ₹24lakhs per year.

3. Clinical Research Associate

Clinical research associates, also called clinical monitors or trial monitors, monitor clinical trials and ensure that standard regulatory, operational, and ethical standards are followed. CRAs are responsible for connecting the site with CROs/Sponsors. CRAs are employed by pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, or medical research institutes, and often travel between study sites for monitoring visits as well as conducting virtual visits. CRCs often gain their clinical research experience by working several years as CRAs.

The monitor or CRA evaluates the data on-site and raises queries with CRCs or relevant stakeholders in order to correct errors. Additionally, data managers contact monitors to clarify data. A CRO or pharma company are good options for you if you are looking for CRA work. There is a lot to choose from in this field, and if you are a travel enthusiast, this could be an advantage for you.

Qualifications Required to become Clinical Research Associate:

MSc. (Clinical research)

Diploma in Clinical research

Advance diploma in clinical research

Along with 3-4 years of experience as a CRC

How much is the salary of a CRA

How much does a Clinical Research Associate make? The national average salary for a Clinical Research Associate is ₹3,89,097 per year in India which could reach up to 10lakhs.

4. Clinical Data Management

In a clinical trial, the data will be collected, analyzed, and accessed to detect discrepancies that should be managed to obtain error-free data. Clean data helps to improve the interpretation of the clinical aspect of the investigational product (drug tested in the clinical trial). In metropolitan cities, this field is in high demand. This is an option you can take if you have strong analytical skills and a strong background in computer applications. CROs and pharma companies are good places to approach if you’re looking for a CDM job.

Qualifications Required to become Clinical Data Management:

Msc. (Clinical research)

Diploma in Clinical research

Advance diploma in clinical research

Clinical SAS Certification (Compulsory)

How much is the salary of a Clinical Data Management 

How much do Clinical Data Manage-ment employees make? Employees who know Clinical Data Management earn an average of ₹19lakhs, mostly ranging from ₹10lakhs per year to ₹47lakhs per year based on 133 profiles. The top 10% of employees earn more than ₹30lakhs per year.

5. Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance (PV, PhV), which is also known as drug safety, is the pharmacological science involved in the detection, assessment, monitoring, and prevention of adverse effects associated with pharmaceutical products. This is a growing field, and you could be considered based on your interest and previous experience.

Qualifications Required to become Pharmacovigilance:

It requires basic educational qualification of Pharmacy.

How much is the salary in Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance Scientist salary in India is ₹ 9.8 Lakhs for employees with experience between 5 years to 8 years.

6. Medical Writer

Writing, marketing, and communication professionals with a medical or scientific background play a vital role in research. They write materials for a trial like protocol, scientific publications, and other documents such as abstracts, posters, manuscripts, scientific presentations. They may be involved in grant-writing, publicity campaigns, scientific documentation, patient and stakeholder communications, and more.

Qualifications Required to become a Medical Writer

Bachelor’s or Masters’s degree in any life science-related field is recommended but not mandatory. A Bachelors’s or Master’s degree in the English language is also acceptable provided the candidate has a basic knowledge and understanding of medical terminologies.

How much is the salary of  a Medical Writer

What is an average salary of a medical writer? The salary for a Medical Writer is ₹5,34,619 per year in India.

 7. Clinical project manager

A clinical trial includes multiple stakeholders, teams, tasks, and challenges. Clinical trial project managers must have a deep understanding of project management techniques and methodologies in order to coordinate all aspects of a clinical study. The position requires CRA experience of at least 7 years.

Clinical trials do not have a single career path. The list of jobs will be expanded gradually.

If you are fresher then important is to find an accomplished mentor who can give appropriate advice considering your abilities, drive, personal impact stability, etc which can open your doors.



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