Medical Scribe in India: 11 Reasons why it is an amazing career option

Being a medical scribe in India could be an amazing career option, the best bet for familiarizing yourself with patient care. A medical scribe works directly with physicians online, primarily focused on charting patient encounters in the electronic medical record. What’s more, scribe positions can be full or part-time, making it a viable job choice for a student. Here I am sharing 11 reasons to choose medical scribing as a career;

Reasons why being a medical scribe in India could be amazing

1. You will learn a lot about medicine. You will learn to listen for the signs and symptoms that help a physician come up with a diagnosis or differential diagnosis list. Once you become familiar with these diagnoses, you may be able to anticipate them.

2. One of your responsibilities will be shadowing a physician. Many medical school admissions committees expect that candidates have shadowing experience before applying to the school in the USA. Shadowing has the benefit of allowing you to see how physicians deal with being busy and stressed.

3. Earn money while learning and shadowing. This job is an integral part of learning, so it is free education. The best part about scribing is that you learn new things every day. It also enhances your medical knowledge.

4. You’ll learn a lot about teamwork. You’ll be able to observe how team members respect each other and how they instinctively help one another.  You will be better prepared to understand the role of a physician assistant or a nurse practitioner because you have seen them in action. Also, it could be an amazing part-time and full-time job.

5. You will learn medical terminology. With practice, you will be able to spell and pronounce the words, as well as learn what they mean. You will learn a lot of things about medicine and diseases even if you are a life science student from a non-medical background. Hence, being a medical scribe in India could be amazing. 

6. You get an idea of the US Healthcare system: Being a medical scribe in India, you will get a brief idea about the US Healthcare system. Also, if you work for a US physician for a long time you develop a relationship with the physician which is actually very amazing. 

7. You will learn about medical records. You will learn about how medical documentation is done in the US and how it enhances your knowledge. It also increases your focus as it is very important to stay concentrated and focused while documenting patient information. 

8. You’ll probably increase your typing speed and efficiency. Not only are these skills beneficial to you, but they’re important in terms of maintaining patient flow and reducing patient wait time.

9. You will have the opportunity to listen to patients. In my opinion, this is the most important reason. Listen to their story, hear their pain, and experience their fears. 

10. Amazing salary package. Working as a medical scribe in India, you will get an amazing salary package as a fresher for around 30,000, and the salary increases with every promotion. Many people confuse medical scribing with medical transcription, one must understand that these both are different. 

11. You can apply for a job in the USA. You can easily apply for a job in the USA after working for 2-3 years in India. Gaining experience as a medical scribe in India for 2-3 years, you will be able to apply for work in the USA. Sometimes the doctor may offer you to work with him offline.  Now, you know very well about the benefits of being a medical scribe in India.

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