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CR Gurukul is the best online medical scribe learning platform since 2021. We offer the best medical scribe training and have trained 250+ people through our live online learning platform. Now, you can upskill yourself with our recorded course, specially designed to provide you a great learning experience from the comfort of your home. We deliver the best medical scribe training experience which is accessible, affordable, and flexible according to your needs. Join us to embark on a rewarding journey in the world of medical scribing.

Who is medical scribe?

Medical Scribes are essentially personal assistants to doctors who perform documentation in the EHR, gather information for patient visits, and work in conjunction with the doctor to improve patient care. A medical scribe's primary responsibility is to record a patient's clinical history, current complaints, diagnoses, etc. Scribes' lives are never dull. It requires intelligence, creativity, and medical knowledge and relies on a live relationship with the doctor. Each patient visit will be different, and you will learn something new every day.

13,999 24,999
  • 6 Months access
  • Interview focused training
  • Time saving
  • Learn medical documentation
  • Typing practice
  • 70+ recorded video lectures
  • Study material
  • 200+ quiz
  • 50+ practice audios
  • Weekly live session
  • Query resolving
  • Resume making
  • Interview preparation
  • Certification
44,999 59,999
  • 8 Weeks Training
  • Interview focused training
  • Live sessions
  • Learn medical documentation
  • Human anatomy
  • Medicine and diseases
  • Typing practice
  • 200+ Quiz
  • 50+ Practice Audios
  • Query Solving
  • Resume making
  • Interview preparation
  • Certification
  • Job assistance*

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I can say for Medical Scribe training CR GURUKUL is the best . They organise classes according to our flexible timings and enable ourselves to grasp the subject in an easy process and interesting way . The first day of my joining I have nill knowledge about scribing but now I can say I am confident enough with the subject. SUPERB experience with my Scribe Trainer SIMRAN. She is one of the finest trainers I’ve ever seen. She motivates us to learn , helps us with any doubts with lots of patience. Her approach was very friendly and helpful for every person who wants to be a scribe.


(BDS, Medical Scribe at VP Scribes)

I was looking for an online course for medical scribe. I searched on YouTube and found few videos of Simran, after making basic enquiries I decided to enroll. I got batch timing and course modules as per my convenience. The whole team of CR Gurukul (Trainer, IT, Admin, etc.) is wonderful. I enjoyed training with Simran. Experience of final exam was too good. I got course certificate after 3 days of final exam. CR Gurukul promised me their support even after the course or in future whenever I need. Simran is a young yet a very good and promising trainer. She was always punctual for my 8 am batch. Her support throughout this course has been commendable.

Ashwinee wayker

(Experienced Medical Transcriptor)

My educational background was B. Tech. I'm new to science background simran mam help me a lot and she help me to improve my knowledge in this field. To be frank daily I waited for that live session even I'm not completed my assessment most enjoyed and liked part is live session No words to express experience with simran mam.i am grateful to simran mam


(Omega Scribe)

I joined the training after one of my friend suggested it. I joined the training and was so happy with the quality of training I received. With the guidance and support of the entire CR Gurukul team, I was able to crack a job interview and currently working from home. I am happy and satisfied.

Dr. Doodi Pavani Prasanna

(BHMS, Office genius Solutions)

I was living in USA with my husband for 9 years and returned back to India during covid. Being a Master’s in Pharmacy, I have never worked in any company. I decided to restart my career but was unsure how to do it. I joined CR Gurukul by my friend’s suggestion and I feel it was a good decision of my life. Being a housemaker for the past 10 years after marriage, I finally learned a new skill and got selected in a company. CR Gurukul helped me during the entire training and after getting job also, they try to provide me constant guidance and support whenever needed.

Harika korlam

(M Pharm, NPB Consultancy)

I joined this training to learn medical scribing. Although, I was not able to complete the entire training due to my health issues but over it was a good experience.

Naveen Kumar

B. Tech

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